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Venture capital

We support early stage investors and business angels in setting up their structures as well as throughout the entire investment process

Private Equity

We assist asset managers taking care of all investment related matters to let them focus on their core business

Real Estate

We support investors based around the world and assist them to establish their investment structures in Luxembourg

Our story

Established in 2013 as an advisory and fiduciary boutique focused on providing hands-on advice and tailor-made services to its customers. Since the company’s incorporation, we have achieved organic growth through building a distinctive team that shares our core organizational values and entrepreneurial mindset. We are an enthusiastic and multinational team with multiple years of combined experience specializing in:
  • Specific experience in Luxembourg Partnership Vehicles (SCS / SCS Special/SCA);
  • Real Estate and Private Equity Special Purposes Vehicles;
  • Securitization Companies and Securitization Funds;
  • AIFMD-Registered and Authorized Investment Funds (RAIF, SIF, SICAR);
  • Private and Family Office investment vehicles;
  • Technology-driven, IP-related and e-commerce Companies;
  • Holding and Financing Companies (SOPARFI);

PE/VC and Real Estate

Securitization vehicles

Technology companies

Start-up companies

Strong expertise for more than 10 years in closed-ended alternative investments structures with a particular focus on Private Equity, Venture Capital and Real Estate asset classes. Our team continuously monitors the IPEV and INREV guidelines for the vehicles under our administration. Set-up and administration of AIFMD-registered limited partnerships (Special Limited Partnership – Société en Commandite Spéciale – SCSp or Limited Partnership by shares – Société en Commandite par Actions). Hands-on experience in providing administration, risk management, corporate governance and valuation services to regulated and AIFMD-compliant investment funds such as SICAR, Specialized Investment Fund (SIF) and Reserved Alternative Investment Fund (RAIF). A RAIF is a flexible, multipurpose and tax efficient alternative investment fund that benefits from a shortened go-to-market process. A RAIF has to appoint an authorised Alternative Investment Fund Manager (“AIFM”) and will be de facto AIFMD-compliant with access to the EU distribution passport to Professional Investors.
Our team has developed the specific knowledge and experience in establishing and administering both Securitisation Companies and Funds investing in complex transactions related mainly to private equity and real estate areas. Securitization vehicles may issue both notes and shares to its investors and benefit from a very efficient tax mechanism with regards to the distributions performed. We also support our clients in handling the Central Bank regulatory reporting requirements as well as in coordinating reporting duties of listed notes.
As innovation and thinking outside the box is rooted in our DNA, we partner with,as well as service, a significant number of technology companies including venture capital funds, both early and late stage local and foreign companies to help them grow while simultaneously focusing on their core business matters.
Our entrepreneurial mind set leads us to support and service local as well as foreign start-ups looking to set up their operations in Luxembourg. We let the entrepreneurs focus on their core business while we handle corporate, legal and accounting matters and share our own entrepreneurial experience that may be useful to our clients.

Our clients are based all around the world




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Our services aim to meet the needs of our clients, who wish to establish and operate their investment structures and corporations in Luxembourg. We enjoy helping our clients during the set up phase (incorporation services) in order to streamline this process while leveraging our local and cross-borders experience. Post incorporation, we ensure efficient on-going administration of our client’s entities from an accounting, tax and corporate governance perspective. We manage all the legal and regulatory reporting requirements of our clients.

Given the unique combination of our legal and investment funds background, we also offer transaction specific assistance during due diligence and investment closing operations carried out by our clients. We also provide risk management, valuation and reporting solutions for alternative investment vehicles.

We combine constant investments in technology in order to ensure a maximum of safety and connectivity in delivering our services while our team continuously strives to act as your local partner and advisor in a proactive and dynamic fashion.

Our team

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Contact information

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